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Thank you for visiting our site. We hope that you find what you are looking for. One might be looking for a place to meet with others who have similar beliefs. Another might be looking for something more in his or her life, to fill a place of emptiness that nothing seems to satisfy.

If this sounds like you, please know that each of us have experienced the sense that there must be something more to life. We're here to tell you there is more! God created you with an inner longing to know Him. Sometimes we look to fill that void with other things that simply cannot satisfy us the way God can. You can come to know God! To begin this journey, please click on the button below.

11/22Missions and Ethnomusicology (no audio)
10/25Stay off the Bench
10/11Product of Relationship
10/04Sue's Testimony
09/27Even the 1 Percent
09/20What Seems Foolish

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